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Stuff and Things

As you may have noticed I am terrible at blogging, but anyway, heres a quick update.

I am almost done with my 2nd of 4 quarters at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am pursuing a single subject teaching credential- I want to be an 8th grade social studies teacher!

We have completed construction on my knife shop/forging area in our backyard (I say “we” but it was mostly my dad). And I have been spending any time that I am not working or in school trying to get a batch of knives finished before Christmas.

I am in love with the most exquisite human and her name is Sara Dixon. We have known each other for almost two years and have been dating for just about one of those years. She is an incredible artist who paints, makes jewelry and weaves. Check her out on instagram: @LittleNouns. Big things are coming from her!

Anyway, l am not sure if i have ever been so busy in my entire life, but as my mom always tells me, “This too shall pass”

Thats all for now, maybe i will update this again in another two years lol!


Week 2

Week numero dos of this new adventure is underway!

I’m still feeling a bit of longing for San Diego, but am starting to fall into a routine. Work so far is going great, school is actually exciting and I feel like I am learning a boatload of skills that I will be able to use in practical settings when it comes to knifemaking and tool/equipment fabrication.

On another note, my beautiful Vizsla Mowgli is loving his new home! He gets to chase rabbits, scare quail and run to his little heart’s content!

Also, I picked up a sweet custom folding knife! A Steve Kelly Synergy, check out some pics below:

And here’s a quick little bonus video!

Hitting the Ground Running!

As weird as it was to be back in the classroom after about four years, I would have to say that my first few days have been a great success!

Although the classes are in their introduction phases and just going over the syllabi and whatnot, I can tell that the course material is really going to benefit me in terms of what I want to do with knifemaking!

Before I returned to Arroyo Grande (henceforth known as AG) I knew that I was going to have to get a job. I wanted to be able to save as much money as possible for tools, knives, and traveling. Oh, I also want to pay off my credit card and car, both of which are very doable (I try not to use my credit card too often!) Anyway, I was thinking that a serving job would probably be best because of my previous experience and the fact that serving is great money for a part-time job. I got in contact with my Uncle Brad who seemingly knows everyone in the local restaurant world and with his help I was able to secure an interview with the San Luis Obispo Country Club. Never one to delay once I have set my mind to a task, I scheduled the interview an hour after my first day of classes.

After classes ended I swooped my dog Mowgli from home and booked it up to the country club for my interview. I met with the food and beverage manager and after an enjoyable interview he offered me a serving position on the spot! Needless to say I was more than happy to accept and just like that I was employed again! To celebrate, Mowgli and I went to watch the Sunset at Pismo, which was pumping with some delicious looking surf.

Once I attended orientation, I was even more excited about working at SLOCC it really seems like an amazing place to work. I enjoyed my previous two restaurant jobs, but I think that this is going to blow both of them out of the water. The golf course that the country club overlooks is nestled deep in the Edna valley and is surrounded by lush rolling hills and miles of vineyards. However, one of the most interesting aspects about this restaurant to me is the fact that 95% of patrons are regulars, people who have built relationships with the staff…soooooo much better than dealing with tourists and foreigners…no offense foreigners!

I think thats about it for this update, but before I leave, check out this sweet little pocket knife that my mom salvaged from my grandmother’s garage sale items! It is a W.H Morley and Sons mother of pearl folding knife! It’s so teeny tiny that I can just slip it right into my jean’s coin pocket!

W.H. Morley and Sons Pocketknife Front side Both blades opened

Forging a New Life: Day 1

This will be my journal/diary/stream of consciousness as I pursue life…But first, for anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, here is some context…also my posts usually aren’t this long, but this one needed to be!

My name is Cameron. I recently moved back to my hometown on the beautiful central coast of California. For the past 7 years I was living in San Diego. I originally moved down there for school, but once I graduated I decided to stay in San Diego. When I graduated from San Diego State University, I was serving up the best swordfish around at a widely known local seafood restaurant. I made great money, got to leave with cash in my pocket every night and I was content with living the beach life. I was still (with much pestering from my loving mother 🙂 ) trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

About a year and a half to two years after graduating with a degree in anthropology and a minor in advertising, I decided it was time to leave the restaurant and pursue, “a real job.” I decided to complete a digital media certificate program through the Center for Extended Studies at SDSU and about 4 classes into the program I found a digital marketing internship at a local advertising agency.

The agency I worked at was awesome. It was a great work environment and many of the people I worked with on a daily basis were people around my age and really fun to work with. I learned a lot in those first few months and after being there for almost three months, the agency decided to hire me on full-time as their only in-house copywriter. I quit my job at the restaurant to pursue a career in copywriting/advertising.

I worked as a copywriter for two years. Many things happened in the course of two years, most notable of all these events was a break up with my girlfriend of 4+ years. The breakup helped me to go out and pursue something that I have always wanted to do but never got around to following through on – blacksmithing, specifically bladesmithing.

I grew up thinking that I was going to be my dad. That it would automatically just happen when I got to a certain age, like clapping the lights on I thought I would clap my way onto my father’s path. That I would just wake up one morning and decide, “Well I’m at that age, time to start tucking my shirts in and start telling corny jokes.” (Although my dad tells great jokes, even if he has to embellish a little bit)

After working for a while at the agency I came to a crisis of conscious. I liked where I worked, but I felt as if I was wasting my days sitting at a computer. I finally knew I wasn’t going to be my dad. But I had grown up thinking to follow relatively the same path that my parents followed to become who they are today. (if you can’t tell already, I look up to my parents a lot) Then I realized, literally as I was walking out of the gym one day, that I didn’t have to take the same exact path to be like my parents. I had to forge my own way, but I didn’t have to do it in the dark, I had a role model (two of them actually) to look up to.

The break-up and this moment of clarity helped put a lot of things in perspective for me. I won’t go into too many details but I realized that I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I was working at a job that I thought I wanted, but in reality I was just good at it. I was a great copywriter for my agency, I helped to spearhead their entire content marketing program. But it didn’t excite me or stimulate my brain after a while. What did excite me, and what I wasn’t really good at but absolutely loved, was forging and making knives.

To me, making a knife is a bit like writing your own story on a clean piece of paper with nothing but a pencil and eraser. With knife making you take a blank slate and using naught but fire and hammer you can create any shape seen in your mind’s eye. I created tools, a piece of art, anything that I could think of at first. It was something that consumed me. I was reading everything I could on knife making and what I needed to do to get started. My mom, ever-ensuring that her son was as happy as possible, told me about a program that her college was debuting, it was an ornamental ironwork and welding program. Basically a blacksmithing and welding program near my hometown.

I was immediately at a crossroads. There were pros and cons to each life decision that I was contemplating. Stay in San Diego and stick it out at the agency until something more exciting opens up? Or leave the comfortable stability of my career and follow my new found hobby into a future that will consist of blood, sweat, tears, long hours at the forge and little pay for my work?

Well, I was ready to start a new chapter, nay, a new book in my life and I would be damned if I was just going to fall into the mediocrity of the corporate world and climb the same ladder leading nowhere that everyone else is on.  I wanted to get back to my roots. To take a break from the busy life I was living in San Diego and pursue something that I really enjoyed doing.

Today is day one of that journey.


Press Release Example

Press Release Example

This is a press release that I recently wrote for my agency, Aviatech. In the release, I attempt to focus more on the impressive fact that we were nominated in the same category three years in a row, rather than the fact that we didn’t manage to win this year, unlike the last two years.

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